Monday, March 28, 2011

Dicitencello Vuie (Just Tell Her That)

Dicitencello Vuie Just Tell Her That
Dicitencello 'a 'sta cumpagna vosta
ch'aggio perduto 'o suonno e 'a fantasia
ca' 'a penzo sempe, che' é tutt' 'a vita mia
'I' nce 'o vulesse dicere, ma nun 'nce 'o saccio di!

'A voglio bbene, 'a voglio bbene assaie,
Dicitencello vuie, ca nun m' 'a scordo maie!
E' 'na passiona, cchiù forte 'e na catena,
ca me turmenta ll'anema, e nun me fa campá.

Dicitencello ch' è na rosa 'e maggio.
ch'è assaje cchiù bella 'e 'na jurnata 'e sole…
D”a vocca soia, cchiù fresca d”e vviole…
I' già vulesse sentere, ch' è nnammurata 'e me!

'Na lacrema lucente v' 'è caduta…
Diciteme 'nu poco a che penzate…
Cu' st' uocchie doce vuie sola me guardate…
Levámmece 'sta maschera, dicimmo 'a veritá.

Te voglio bbene, te voglio bbene assaie
si' ttu chesta catena ca nun se spezza maie!
Suonno gentile, suspiro mio carnale
te cerco comm' all' aria, te voglio pe' campá!
Just tell her that her admirer
is lost in dreams and imagination
and thinks of her always, all my life
I’ve wanted to tell her, but don’t know how to say it!

I want her so much, I want her so very much
Tell her that I’ll never forget her!
The passion I feel, is stronger than a chain
that torments my soul, and makes me not want to live.

Just tell her she’s like roses in May,
that she is more beautiful than a sunny day…
From her lips that are fresher than violets
I just want to hear, that she’s in love with me!

I see glistening tears falling
Tell me a little of what your thinking…
Your sweet eyes look right through me
So now I must raise this mask, and tell the truth.

I want you so much, I want you so very much
This bond between us will never break!
Sweet dreams… My hopes and desires
look for you in the air and I want you to live forever!

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