Thursday, March 31, 2011

Torna a Surriento (Come Back to Surriento)

Torna a SurrientoCome Back to Surriento
Vide 'o mare quant'è bello!
spira tanta sentimento...
Comme tu, a chi tiene mente,
ca, scetato, 'o faje sunná!

Guarda guá' chisti ciardine,
siente sié' sti sciure 'arancio...
nu prufumo accussí fino,
dint''o core se ne va...

E tu dice: "Io parto, addio!"
T'alluntane da stu core...
Da la terra de ll'ammore,
tiene 'o core 'e nun turná?!

Ma nun mme lassá,
nun darme stu turmiento...
Torna a Surriento:
famme campá!...

Vide 'o mare de Surriento
che tesore tene 'nfunno:
Chi ha girato tutt''o munno,
nun ll'ha visto comm'a ccá!

Guarda, attuorno, sti Ssirene
ca te guardano 'ncantate
e te vònno tantu bene:
Te vulessero vasá!...
See the sea, how beautiful it is!
It inspires many feelings,
Like you, who, to whoever watches,
Gives dreams while he’s awake.

Look, look at this garden.
Smell, smell these orange blossoms.
Such a fine perfume,
it goes straight into your heart.

And you say: "I am leaving, goodbye"
you go away from my heart
away from this land of love.
And you have the heart not to come back.

But do not go away,
do not give me this pain.
Come back to Surriento,
let me live!

Look at the sea of Surriento,
what a treasure it is!
Even who has travelled all over the world,
he has never seen a sea like this one.

Look at these mermaids,
who are watching you with enchantment,
who love you so much.
They would like to kiss you.

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