Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tu, Ca Nun Chiagne! (You Who Don't Cry!)

Tu, Ca Nun Chiagne!You Who Don't Cry!
Comm' č bella 'a muntagna stanotte
Bella accussí, nun ll'aggio vista maje
N'ánema pare, rassignata e stanca
Sott'' a cuperta 'e chesta luna janca

Tu ca nun chiagne e chiágnere mme faje
Tu, stanotte, addó staje
Voglio a te
Voglio a te
Chist' uocchie te vonno
N'ata vota, vedé

Comm' č calma 'a muntagna stanotte
Cchiů calma 'e mo, non ll'aggio vista maje
E tutto dorme, tutto dorme o more
E i' sulo veglio, pecché veglia ammore
How beautiful the mountain is tonight...
I have never seen it more lovely!
It looks like a resigned and tired soul
under the cover of this white moon.

You who do not cry and make me cry,
where are you tonight?
I want you!
I want you!
See how these eyes want you
one more time!

How calm the moon is tonight...
calmer than I have ever seen it before!
And everything sleeps, everything sleeps or dies.
Only I am awake, because Love is awake!

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